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Proper cleaning and nursing methods of silk garmen


The basis for maintaining good silk clothing is to wear it carefully. The strength of silk is higher, and the silk outside is protected by sericin, so the abrasion resistance is better. But because of too small fiber silk, should avoid mishap, all with burrs and rough material contact, often make the silk "jump wire" caused by injury. In addition, also do not wear silk clothes in sleeping mats, rattan chair, wood and other rough objects, so as to avoid unnecessary damage or wire.
The destructive force of the silk base is large, summer wear silk must avoid contact with alkaline substances. At the same time, the influence of salt on silk is relatively large. Human sweat salt can make the light colored silk summer yellow red spots, so wear silk summer should pay attention to regular cleaning, keep the surface clean.

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Wash the silk summer the best selection of high-grade detergent or neutral soap flakes. Hot water is available to melt liquid soap, let cool silk soaked in summer. Knead by hand (a lot of attention cannot use washboard rubbing more to avoid twisting). After washing soap cast net, otherwise easy to blur. Washing dark silk summer only in clean water for repeated bleaching, can not use soap flakes and other detergent, avoid soap stains, whitening phenomenon.
The washing of brightly colored silk summer clothing, to avoid discoloration, can put a little salt. For the silk brittle action of ultraviolet light in the sunlight, and the color fastness to washing silk, so not in the sun exposure, should hang in ventilated place.
In the 80% summer silk dry to dry, with a white cloth covered with clothes, ironing, temperature is not higher than 130 DEG C, otherwise the silk will be damaged, do not have water when ironing, so as to avoid the water stain.
Silk is a kind of protein fiber, which has strong moisture absorption. When the environment is humid, some fungi and bacteria are easy to grow and propagate on the fabric. The collection, should first wash his clothes, the best ironing again, can play the role of sterilizing. The wardrobe suitcase should be kept dry and clean.
Silk clothes texture is thin and soft, afraid of pressure, can be placed above the pile of clothes, light colored silk dress with white cloth and the best storage, to prevent stains yellow stains. Silk clothing should not put health balls, otherwise the white will be yellow. Tussah silk should not be put together with mulberry silk, because the former will make the latter change color.

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