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Personality culture of brand clothing


The brand must clear personality, personality is not a point, a picture, an advertisement, a slogan, our brand to go long, must establish the brand personality of the system itself, the system we can be understood by consumers, more is the value chain of personality, consumers in contact with you the brand, not only through a picture, a light box, a motion picture, a slogan, more through your terminal performance, such as door handles, window, models, pictures, store products, product collocation, shop integral atmosphere, lighting, materials, services, and websites conference, the order will be, this is a comprehensive process by the process of feeling sexy, must finally out of a line, this line is the invisible value chain brand, this chain through all the Shaped and invisible objects picked up, nothing down, this shows that our brand chain built, built after you can use a picture to show it, you can use the action to show it.
brand clothing
Personality chain is our brand in the Chinese to try in the future if things go on like this, will form a chain of brand personality on personality if things go on like this, it is as popular and produce new theme, our personality and dynamic gene fashion, dynamic gene activation is equal to the static gene in personality, produced a new theme, the theme in every season presents, must have changed and unchanged elements, like LV, is the same brand personality if things go on like this for 500 years, is the same, the change is popular, to guide, cooperate with the consumer, so this is our understanding from the individual and enterprise value chain chain.
If you use a chart to express, this is personality chain is the horizontal axis, vertical axis is our brand, many companies make the enterprise culture strategy, but the strategy and culture, terminal too far away, we have to let the corporate culture from the inside to the outside, here is not only a way to promote the problem, the composite is 360 degrees promotion of culture, from the enterprise to the terminal, from the corporate strategy to the brand culture to the terminal culture, this culture is not only a light brand, also has a relationship with the origin of the enterprise culture, the enterprise culture and brand culture has a throughout the value chain, including business center here is the brand positioning, brand core is the value of brand culture, brand culture and corporate culture are interrelated, enterprise culture and enterprise strategy is associated.
The core part of the brand, in addition to the 5P consumer groups, prices, promotion, channels, the most core is product positioning, product positioning is divided into attributes and personality. For example, the same about sports, Lacoste tennis, tennis is attachment to this level, or property, what is that, Lacoste is a French brand, is elegant, is the attachment of the campus culture, is Tactic bear, red white and blue. The same is true of tennis, the release angle is completely different, and this is culture. Product personality, personality and personality, personality is the cultural level.

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