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How much do you know about clothing materials?


What is clothing? In a narrow sense, clothing means wearing clothes, trousers, skirts and so on. In a broad sense, clothing is the material that covers every part of the body and includes all kinds of ornaments. In this way, we can give the next definition of clothing materials: materials used to make clothing. Not only material for making clothes, but also materials for making other parts.
clothing materials
What is clothing material? Then, what exactly does clothing material refer to?
In ancient times, when textile technology was not invented, our ancestors used skins, leaves, feathers as their clothing materials, stone, shells as clothing accessories. With the development of textile science and technology, we can not only weave cotton, silk and wool into fabrics, but also synthesize chemical fibers that are not in nature. They are woven into fabrics of various properties. For clothing designers, clothing materials are far more than that. In their eyes, you can be an exaggeration to say: everything is clothing materials. Just turn these years of fashion magazine, it is not difficult to find, whether or not all the avant-garde avant-garde designers at home and abroad almost can imagine are moved to the mannequin: plastic, paper, wood, steel and so on.
With the rapid development of modern science and technology, clothing materials are not only spinning and weaving problems, a variety of high-tech fabrics are emerging. As a fashion designer, you should understand the materials in all relevant fields so that you can find more materials to express your design concept.

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