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Hazards of common clothing fabrics


Our life cannot do without clothing fabrics, different fabrics and fabrics of dress sense sense is different, some inferior fabrics also exist, in order to attract attention to low-quality fabrics, we summarize the possible hazards of these fabrics, affects people's health.

Formaldehyde: mainly used for dyeing auxiliaries and improve the effect of resin clothing wrinkle shrink proof finishing agent.

Main hazards: formaldehyde containing textiles in the process of wearing will gradually release free formaldehyde, through the human respiratory tract and skin contact, causing respiratory and skin inflammation, but also to stimulate the eye. It can also cause cancer.

Two methyl formamide: it is an organic solvent in the spinning process of synthetic fabrics.

The main harm: to skin, eyes and mucous membrane irritating skin contact, numbness pain, allergies; inhaled causing headaches and other symptoms of poisoning, serious damage and gastrointestinal tract is easy to damage the liver.

Straight chain alkyl iodate: some materials are rinsed with synthetic detergents, including the alcohol, sulfuric acid, and linear alkyl iodate.

The main hazards: can be absorbed into the body by the skin, if rinsing is not clean and incomplete, long wear will cause women infertility.

Naphthalene: some woolen or silk clothing, often treated with naphthalene, is used to prevent insect infestation.

Major hazard: naphthalene is volatile and easily absorbed by mucous membranes, skin and subcutaneous tissue. It can cause harm to humans. The small down fiber in the down garments is inhaled into the respiratory tract and becomes a sensitizing source.

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