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How to identify the wool fabric?


Wool fabric is the preferred material for making high-grade suits and coats, because it has the characteristics of natural color and soft, good insulation effect, but many of us for wool fabric cognitive enough, it is possible to buy inferior or fake wool fabric, we summed up the identification of relevant knowledge.

One,hand touch feeling. Pure wool fabric usually feel silky, plush fabrics feel silky hair loss, against hair tingling. And blends or the purification fiber product, some are not soft, some are too soft, loose, and has the hair stickiness feeling.

Two, look at the color. The color of natural soft wool fabric, bright without being old. In contrast, blended or purified fabric, or shiny, dull, or iridescent.

Three, look at the elasticity. With the hand will be defending the tight, and then immediately release, see the fabric elasticity. Pure wool fabric rebound rate, can be quickly restored, and blended or chemical products, the wrinkle is poor, most of them left traces of obvious, or slow recovery.

Four,Identification by combustion method. Take a bunch of yarn, wool fiber by fire, smell like burning hair, like the smell of burning plastic chemical fiber fabrics. The harder the particles after burning, the more the chemical fiber composition.

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