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What are the commonly used knitting fabrics?


Knitted fabric has soft texture, moisture absorption, breathability, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and its productivity. Knitted garments are comfortable to wear, close fitting, tight and tight, and fully reflect the human body curve. There are many kinds of knitted fabric, and we make a brief summary.

1,polyester yarn dyed fabric knitted fabric: polyester yarn dyed fabric is dyed with low elastic polyester yarn as raw material, according to the design requirements of configuration of different colors, the jacquard pattern, woven into 3 to 6 colors or more color. Common flower patterns are bars, lattices, flowers, figures, animals, landscapes, geometric patterns and so on. The fabric has bright colors, beautiful appearance, harmonious color matching, dense texture, clear texture, strong wool shape, and the style of wool fabric. Mainlyusedformenandwomen, suit, coat, vest, skirt, jacket, children's clothing and other fabrics.

2,polyester knitted fabric: polyester knitted fabric of labor labor, also known as polyester knitted denim, with low elastic polyester yarn as raw material, in which a coarse dyed blue, a thin for the white silk jacquard fabric, the fabric surface, in the Navy with uniform and fine color color. This kind of fabric closely thick, solid wear-resisting, crisp and elastic. If the raw material contains core spun yarn containing spandex, it can be made into stretch knitted jean fabric, and the elasticity is better. Used mainly for men and women tops and trousers.

3,polyester knitted corduroy fabric: polyester knitted corduroy fabric is made of low elastic polyester filament, made of variable double rib weave. In weaving, every several longitudinal coil smoke to 1 ~ 2 needles, thus appears narrow range widening cloth, uneven straight to the stripe. The thickness of the stripes can be determined according to the requirements. The fabric is smooth and well formed, feels thick and full, and has good elasticity and warmth retention. Mainly used for men and women tops, suits, windbreaker, children's clothing and other fabrics.

4,polyester knitted fabric: polyester cotton fabric is a kind of double rib composite cotton fabric. It is made of polyester yarn. The front of the fabric is made of cotton yarn and the reverse side of the fabric is connected by the circle. Fabric after dyeing shirt, jacket, sportswear fabric. This kind of fabric tinggua wrinkle, solid wear-resisting, personal side moisture permeability, soft and comfortable.

5,artificial fur knitted fabrics: artificial fur with cotton yarn, viscose yarn made of cloth or polypropylene yarn yarn, acrylic or modacrylic for hair, weaving the fiber bundle and ground yarn together into a circle, and the fiber ends exposed on the surface of the fabric, woven in the fabric in reverse coating cloth adhesive, make the fabric shape, to avoid falling hair, after carding, printing, cutting and so on a series of finishing, get the effect of exterior with artificial fur. This fabric feels strong, soft and warm enough. According to the variety, it is mainly used as coat fabric, clothing lining, collar, hat and so on. Faux fur is also woven in warp knitting.

6, the velvet velvet fabric knitted fabric is made with cotton yarn, polyester filament yarn, nylon yarn, polyester and cotton blended yarn and other raw materials, with cotton yarn, polyester filament or polyester textured yarn, polyester and cotton blended yarn for yarn, the yarn forming tissue in Terry tissue Plush knitting machine weaving, cashmere yarn the formation of Terry, followed by the cutting ring and the formation of the surface of the fabric after cutting, fluff, finishing and ironing. Also be fleece gauze pad yarn into according to the organization, and cut circle into. This kind of fabric, the fabric is thick, solid wear-resisting, bushy stands, gentle shade. Used mainly as a coat, collar, or hat. Swan knitted fabric is a kind of plush knitted fabric. In addition to the weft knitting method, plush knitted fabrics can also be knitted by warp knitting, for example, warp knitted terry fabric.

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