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What are the disadvantages of poor fabric?


To know that expensive clothes are not necessarily the use of high-grade fabrics, however, the low price of clothing is a lot of poor quality clothing fabrics. Don't think that there is no difference between what, if it is to buy the inferior fabric clothes, has a great impact on the human body harm, and then we look together inferior fabric bring harm?

1,aromatic amines

The word aromatic amine to believe that a lot of people do not know, aromatic amine is a kind of harmful dyes, in some special conditions, the color fastness of instability or deep color clothes, transfer from clothing to human skin, and the role of human body secretion, also the original decomposition reaction aromatic amine compounds. General aromatic amines can cause shock, serious if there is cancer.

2, formaldehyde

Formaldehyde many people think that only when the interior decoration will be, some of the actual quality of the fabric will also contain formaldehyde, why not be found?. Formaldehyde is a colorless, pungent and soluble organic matter. The use of formaldehyde may be involved in the process of resin finishing and fixation. Formaldehyde can cause severe respiratory irritation. Direct contact with the skin formaldehyde, can cause dermatitis. Often inhaled a small amount of formaldehyde, can cause chronic poisoning. Textiles containing formaldehyde will gradually release formaldehyde in people wearing and use, airway inflammation and skin inflammation caused by human respiratory tract and skin contact will cause irritation to the eyes, and may even cause cancer, are very harmful to human health.

Poor clothing fabrics will also contain heavy metal content, pesticide residues, plasticizers, phthalic acid esters, environmental hormones, and so on, we do not introduce two. The quality of clothing material seriously affects the health of our body. So, in the future when we choose to try to choose the fabric fabric indicators in line with national standards.

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