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Three kinds of silk fabrics commonly used in cloth


There are many types of clothing fabrics, silk fabrics are also widely welcomed. There are many varieties of silk, with elegant, cool breathable silk, spinning, yarn fabric used to make shirts, dress, there are solemn thick rich, Guanghua satin, brocade, cotton, cashmere fabrics, suitable for the production of cotton coat, dress and so on. Three kinds of silk fabrics commonly used in clothing:

1, chiffon. Silk fabrics, the most common is chiffon. According to the raw materials can be divided into silk chiffon, artificial chiffon and polyester silk chiffon and several other. The same is chiffon fabric, different raw materials woven into the fabric of the difference is very large, texture and feel very different, so the price difference is very large. High-grade chiffon fabric is soft, thin and transparent, smooth and full of elasticity, the appearance of light bright, has good air permeability and drape, wearing comfortable, elegant; almost chiffon fabrics feel stiff, the skin is not very comfortable.

2, double wrinkle. Its main features are: the surface has a fine uniform wrinkles, texture, soft, smooth, bright color and soft, elastic, comfortable, cool, breathable, silk body than Chiffon heavy. Shrinkage rate is larger, at about 10%, but the general clothing, have been done before the cut treatment.

3, taffeta. Also known as taffeta, fabric density is the most closely related to a variety of silk fabrics, is a high-grade silk. The characteristics of taffeta silk surface is smooth and flat very fine clean appearance, good gloss, fabric feel tight, stiff, but easy to produce permanent creases. Therefore, it is not suitable for folding and pressing. Taffeta is a lady's dress top grade, deeply loved by women in Europe and the United states. In addition, taffeta production process is complex, the output is not much, can only be limited supply, so it is rare and rare.

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