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Identification method of silk and rayon


There are many kinds of garment fabrics used in our life, among which artificial silk is a kind of commonly used. A lot of people can not distinguish between silk and rayon, then we will explore some of the knowledge and identification techniques.

Touch by hand:

Silk feels soft and delicate, full of elasticity by hand, because the pore structure of natural fibers, sometimes "astringent sticky" feeling. The chemical fiber silk material, feel stiff, smooth or abnormal.

Ear sound:

Open the silk quilt liner, with little fiber, hand kneading friction, listen carefully. Issued a "rustling" sound will be dry silk in friction, "also known as" silk scrooping "Ming" is the unique characteristics of silk, cotton and chemical fiber and No. In addition, two refers to the process of friction, silk generally "to gather" into the line, and the fiber will slide out of heart.

Observe luster:

The elegant silk product luster bright, but not dazzling, reflecting refracting surface, irregular, like pearl luster. Although some chemical fiber also bright, but the color

Ze pale, dazzling dazzling.

Boiling water immersion:

A small amount of fiber into the open water, a short time there is no significant change in the shape of the silk, the rapid bending of the sink is a chemical fiber. Dry length is almost unchanged after the silk, the phenomenon is obvious shrinkage of chemical fiber.

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