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Identify the characteristics of garment fabrics


There are many kinds of garment fabrics, which have different properties and can meet the different needs of consumers. So, as consumers, we will identify the characteristics of clothing fabrics from what? Mainly from the texture, texture, weight, performance in several aspects.

1, including: weave cloth woven and knitted fabrics, our clothing with the vast majority of woven fabrics, woven fabrics of the most common are plain, twill cloth, yarn structure refers to the organized intertwined relationship, the fabric texture, weight and feel.

2, texture: every kind of material has the organizational structure itself, due to different material and texture, produce different visual effects / touch. Such as: smooth shiny cotton, soft and lightweight yarn, etc.. An original Cosplay clothing is very focused on texture, so the selection of fabrics to be careful Oh, it is best to discuss with tailoring the cutting methods and materials.

3, weight: the weight of cloth usually refers to G/M, such as a jacket, skirt, pants with heavier body cloth, and shirt with lighter cloth, in addition, cloth and season also have a close relationship, and basically will use heavier body cloth, basically in spring and summer and the lighter cloth.

4, wearing and cleaning performance: wear performance is whether the clothing is durable, cleaning performance refers to clothing can wash or need to hand wash or dry clean. This is important for everyday wear, but it is generally negligible for Cosplay's clothes. Sometimes in order to achieve the effect of the original BT need to use very troublesome fabric, plus the clothes are not often worn, they will sacrifice the convenience of wearing and cleaning performance.

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