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Knitted fabric design requirements need to underst


Knitted fabric is a kind of fabric which is made up of the coil which is connected with each other. Knitted fabric has good elasticity, moisture permeability, thermal comfort, children's clothing is the most widely used materials, raw materials mainly cotton silk wool fibers also have such hot days, nylon, acrylic, polyester and other chemical fiber knitted fabric organization variety, variety.
Knitted fabric design requirements:
One,Use of knitted fabric scalability

Knitted fabrics have good scalability, in the design of the template can be designed to minimize the shape of the joints, folding, stitching, etc.. Secondly, the knitted fabric is generally not suitable for the use of push, pull the hot skills of modeling, but the use of the fabric itself or the appropriate use of elastic folding techniques to deal with the human body curve.

Two, the use of knitted fabric edge

The edge property of knitted fabric is caused by the disappearance of the internal stress of the edge coil. Curling is the deficiency of knitted fabric. The utility model can cause the unevenness of the joint of the garment piece or the size change of the garment edge, and ultimately affect the overall modeling effect and the size of the garment. But not all knitted with edge, but if knitted fabrics and other individual organization structure of fabrics, the fabric, the template design by adding dimensions, an edge splice rib or edge and lining solutions in the garment edge part mosaic. The edge of some knitted fabrics in the process of finishing the fabric has been eliminated, to avoid the trouble of sample design.

Three, pay attention to the spread of knitted fabrics

The style and characteristics of knitted fabrics and woven fabrics, their clothing style not only to emphasize the advantages of fabrics to overcome its shortcomings. Because the individual knitted fabric has scattered, design and production model should pay attention to some knitted fabrics do not use too much of an exaggeration, as far as possible the design of provincial road, cutting line, the seam is also not too much use to prevent the occurrence of knitted loop and influence of loose clothing, should use a simple soft line with knitwear soft and comfortable body style in harmony.

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