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Advantages and disadvantages of polyester fabric


Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric used in daily life. Our company specializes in providing a variety of specifications of the fabric, complete varieties, there is a need for customers to buy.
Advantages of polyester fabric:
1, polyester fabric resistance to various chemicals outstanding function, acid and alkali are not on the degree of damage, and are not afraid of mildew and moth.
2, is the best heat resistance of polyester fabric synthetic fabric, thermoplastic.
The strength and elasticity of 
3, polyester fabric has high resilience, therefore, have the characteristics of fastness and durability, anti crease.
Disadvantages of polyester fabric:
1, poor hygroscopicity, polyester fabric and polyester hygroscopic, wearing clothes will have glowing feeling, together with simple electrostatic dust, infection, affect beautiful and comfort, but after the cleaning is very simple and boring, wet strength is almost not decreased, no deformation, excellent wear.
2, poor dyeability, dyeing of polyester because there is no specific gene on the molecular chain, and polarity is smaller, thus staining is more difficult, chromatophile poor, dye is not easy to enter the fiber, but the color fastness of dyed excellent, not easy to fade.
3, easy pilling polyester fabric is a kind of synthetic fiber goods, synthetic fiber cloth and the fact that there are pilling scene, so polyester fabric goods pilling in use after a period of time will be the scene.

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