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What are the main aspects of the fabric?


Clothing is composed of three elements: style, color and fabric. Fabric structure mainly includes two aspects, we will provide professional introduction.
Fabric count:
The number of yarn is said in a way that is often "weight" (this method is divided into two inch and metric number count) in English count (S), namely: the moisture regains condition (8.5%), weighs a pound of yarn, the number of each twist length is 840 yards of skein, is how much the number of. With the number of yarn length and weight of the.
garment fabric density:
Density is the root number of warp and weft arrangement per square inch in, known as the warp and weft density. The general said the "number of warp weft number *". Several such as 110*90128*68, 65*78133*73 common density, that every square inch of warp were 110, 128, 65, 133 respectively; weft 90, 68, 78, 73. Generally speaking is the premise of high density.

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