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What are the basic properties of clothing material


All kinds of apparel fabrics, generally speaking, high quality, high-grade fabrics, mostly has the characteristics of wearing comfortable, sweat absorbent breathable, drape neat, noble, visual touch gentle etc.

The basic properties of clothing materials are the following:

1 moisture absorption properties. Moisture absorption is one of the essential properties of clothing materials. Good moisture absorption can make people feel comfortable when wearing, can absorb the human body discharges sweat, body temperature regulation. From the organizational structure of clothing materials, knitted material than the absorption properties of materials including woven, warp knitting is the best. In practical use, the moisture absorption of the coat material is worse than that of the underwear material.

2 insulation performance. Thermal insulation is one of the essential properties of clothing materials. The more still air contained in the textile fiber, the better the thermal insulation performance is. For example, more than fluffy wool cotton insulation is better. The loose texture of fabric texture closely than fabric insulation properties, such as thermal insulation of woolen worsted fabric than the strong. In addition, the natural fiber is better than the chemical fiber.

3 elastic and strength. Elasticity is the ability of the clothing material to be restored to its original state after being squeezed and deformed. In general, the elasticity of natural fibers is better, but the ability to restore the original state is also weak. Synthetic fibers, especially polyester, the ability of restitution is very strong, the clothing made more crisp. Intensity refers to the degree of fastness when using. Generally speaking, the strength of synthetic fiber is much greater than that of natural fiber, and it is not easy to be damaged.

4 air permeability. Breathable performance is to regulate the performance of human comfort, and closely related to human health. Permeability of the strength, depends on the density, thickness and surface shape of the material, the choice should be based on the design intent, carefully selected.

5 soft properties. The soft properties of clothing materials refers to the soft degree of the material, which has a certain influence on people's psychology and physiology. Soft properties and the thickness of the fiber, the texture of the soft and hard directly related to. The softer the material is, the more comfortable it is to wear.

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