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Garment fabric nursing skills to share


Clothing is made of fabric, as one of the three elements of clothing, fabric can not only explain the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly around the color of clothing, the performance of the effect of modeling. Clothing fabric in the process of wearing should also pay attention to care, we need to master the necessary skills.
1, how to prevent the cotton clothing folds
Relatively thin summer clothes and crease resistance of cotton is not very good, when washing the best water temperature of 30 degrees to 35 degrees, for a few minutes, but not too long, not dry after washing, drying in the shade, not in sunlight exposure, so as not to fade.
2, how to prevent the deformation of the collar
The neckline not horizontal scrub clothes, wash after do not wring, directly hang cool, not in the sun.
3, how to remove the sweat on the clothes

1) clothes soaked in 10% of the concentrated salt water, soak 1-2 hours, remove with water rinse clean. Attention must not use hot water, because it will make the protein coagulation.

2) dilute ammonia or borax solution with weak acid 3.5% can also wash away the sweat. Wipe 3-5% with acetic acid solution, water can be rinsed.

3) wool and wool fabric is not suitable to use ammonia, can be replaced by citric acid pickling. In addition to silk fabric with citric acid, can also be used a cotton ball dipped in gasoline in addition to colorless friction.

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