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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the


Polyester fabric is one of the very many kinds of chemical fiber fabrics used in daily life. It is widely used in life. Many people will choose to wear a polyester dress, then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the polyester dress?
1, light is better, than the poor acrylic, the light is more powerful than natural fiber fabrics. Especially in the glass behind the light ability is very good, almost be roughly the same with acrylic.
2, with a high strength and resilience. Therefore, it is strong and durable, anti crease.
3, best heat resistance material, thermoplastic, making pleated skirt, pleated long.
4, a good variety of chemical properties. Acid and alkali are not to the extent of damage, and are not afraid of mold, not afraid of insects.
A long time aging hardening, often with skin friction caused by allergies.

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