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Introduction to the classification of cotton fabri


Cotton is one of the common fabric of our life, which is used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirt. With a relaxed and warm, soft and close fitting, hygroscopicity and permeability is good, not easy to allergies but also has advantages of easy shrink, wrinkle recovery, poor, poor gloss.
Classification of fabric of cotton fabric:
The cotton: as the name suggests is all in the cotton fabric, has the characteristics of warmth, moisture absorption, heat resistance, alkali resistance, and health. Its shortcoming is easy to shrink, wrinkle, pilling, appearance is neat and elegant, dress must constantly pressing.
The fine thin cotton: the correct term is "precision spindle cotton", is simply the fabric is better, the better, and this kind of cloth is made of pure cotton, can prevent pilling maximum
The cotton, blended with cotton is relative, polyester and cotton blended. That is, relative to the "precision spindle cotton" might be. But because of pilling polyester cotton fabric, so relatively speaking, to a soft, but not easy to wrinkle, moisture absorption to less than pure cotton.
The cotton washing: washing cotton to cotton as raw material, after special treatment, the surface of the fabric color, luster more soft, feel more soft, and slightly wrinkled reflects a sense of the old material. This kind of clothes has the advantage of not fade, and the ironing is not easy to wear. The surface of the relatively good washing cotton cloth has a layer of uniform plush, unique style.
The ice ice cotton to cotton: thin, breathable, cool features against summer. Popular point that is on cotton and added a color coating to single colors, white, green, pink, light brown, ice, cotton breathable, cool, feel smooth and soft, cool feeling, natural surface folds, worn on the body and not through the book. For women to make dresses, seven pants, shirts, and so on, put on a different style, is the production of summer clothing and other fabrics. Pure ice cotton will not shrink!
The cotton Lycra is in cotton with leica. Leica (LYCRA) is a kind of man-made DuPont Co exclusive elastic fibers prepared by the invention, can be freely stretched by 4 to 7 times, and the external force is released, quickly restore the original length. It can not be used alone, can be used with any other man-made or natural fiber. It does not change the fabric appearance, is a kind of invisible fibers, can greatly improve the performance of fabrics.

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