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Does the shirt of the polyester cloth wear comfort


Polyester fabric is very common in our life, the feeling of different fabrics in the body is different, and today we want to share with the polyester fabric of the shirt to wear comfortable? Where is the advantage of polyester fabric?
Elastic super polyester fabric. The polyester cloth repeated cuolong, quickly rehabilitation prototype, and no wrinkles. This is the fabric can not match. From this point of view, made of polyester cloth shirt, durable wear, anti crease, polyester is indeed a rare rare cloth coat.
Excellent heat resistance of polyester fabric. It can be said that in the polyester fiber fabric in the best heat resistance, strong plasticity, if made of pleated skirt, can be an excellent way to adhere to the pleat, do not need too much ironing.
Good lightfastness of polyester fabric. Polyester cloth clothes are generally fast contrast, beyond the degree of natural fiber fabrics. Therefore, the polyester shirt on the sun exposure basically no problem, no worries will have a side effect.
Dacron cloth shirt, acid and alkali are not on the degree of damage, so some bleaching agent and oxidant on the foundation does not work, but also not afraid of pet clothes mold, not afraid of insects.

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