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Which skirt of polyester and nylon is better


To say that the flatness of course is a good pet. Because of its high temperature polyester molding, relatively than nylon smooth, not easy to wrinkle, very wide. As for the permeability of the fabric that you have to look at the weaving structure, it is not easy to say. Look at the level of the loom! Now no one to separate with the nylon fabric, its stability is poor, easy to wrinkle, shrink performance is not very good.

Although there are some disadvantages of polyester (easy pilling, easy to produce static electricity, poor hygroscopicity etc.), but from the weaving and finishing can be overcome, now most of the sports clothes are made of polyester fabric do.

Polyester fabric is one of the very many kinds of chemical fiber fabrics used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is the wrinkle resistance and shape retention is good, therefore, suitable for clothing coat.

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