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Chiffon fabric maintenance method to know


Many kinds of chiffon fabrics, according to the choice of different raw materials can be divided into several silk chiffon, polyester silk chiffon, artificial chiffon. In order to ensure the use of fabric effect, we have to do the necessary maintenance work.

1 don't take long time beaded dress hanging in the closet, or soft and loose Chiffon will sag deformation.
2 take care not to touch water. If the local water, simply soak washing, ironing and stretching to avoid shrinking.
3.Do not wring dry naturally drip dry after washing 
4 thick decorative Chiffon is best placed in the closet, so it is not easy to deformation.
5. Through a chiffon dress can not be placed in a plastic pocket, it is best to put in the pocket cloth, ventilation will be contaminated by dust.
6. The sleeves are chiffon dress with a coat hanger to hang up, it is best to choose cloth hangers, or the hanger ends with a small towel wrapped, sleeve will not be distorted.

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