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Garbo teach you what to wear the most fashionable


Garbo teach you what to wear the most fashionable in 2016

Recently released 2016 fashion colour, likes the little "powder color" and "blue" quiet hogged the headlines of each network.But want to be a modern girl this two kinds of color is far from enough, the following introduce girls to marca dragon in 5 colors, the girls will choose a suitable for their own color!

NO. 1 milk yellow
Light cream yellow as warm as spring, looks sweet and not greasy, can not many girls hold gorgeous bright yellow, might as well try this joker, nice wear milk yellow, partial cream yellow gives a person the sense more pure and fresh and nifty.The eruption of colors, deserve to go up in an instant by white, blue is very impressive.

NO. 2 light blue
Said shallow blue, blue is not blue, like a green and not green, looks very mysterious fantasy, with pale blue with green color "to describe the most appropriate.Special meeting the needs of a lovely girl, very sweet and very relaxed, you can match a dark clothes to wear or try a set of build, marca walking by second dragon.

NO. 3 pink purple
2016 popular keyword is pink, no matter what color to add some powder will be more fashionable.Cherry blossom powder was too childish again afraid might as well try this color, purple too old sister in the middle and tonal pink purple is sexy and feminine.No matter deep or shallow pink violet, in will appear very stylish, unpretentious not make public.

NO. 4 light purple blue
Blue and purple absolutely suck eye color, blue and purple collision tonal will definitely attract you.This kind of pure and fresh colour will definitely great popularity in the spring and summer, think of the hot weather to check the new purple blue drop down how good temper, and now the winter also there are plenty of people in a shallow violet blue coat, with a full-bodied amorous feelings of the coast, indescribably charming!

NO. 5 orange powder
Powder, orange is the colour makeup side darling, now also joined the fashion circle.When together the pink and orange, you will find a really good soft sweet.High brightness of orange or orange are too difficult to handle, so the soft pink orange must be the first choice, even if match with black clothes are very comfortable.If you want to become a fashionable girl, then transition from warm pink orange started!!

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