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Introduction to four types of garment material di


Many small type is really tedious, today we are going to have a look at the garment material together in polyester, acrylic, nylon, spandex and features is the difference between what?

Polyester: features: high strength, good shock resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, resistant to decay, acid alkali, not light fastness is very good (after acrylic), exposure to the 1000 hours, powerful keep 60-70%, poor hygroscopicity, dyeing difficulties, fabric washable quick-drying, conformal sex is good. Has the characteristics of wash and wear. Purpose: filament: often used as a low stretch yarn, producing all kinds of textiles; Staple: cotton, wool, linen, etc all can blend, industry: tyre cord, fishing nets, ropes, filter garment, insulation materials, etc. In the chemical fiber dosage is the largest.

Acrylic: resembling wool performance of acrylic fiber, so called synthetic wool. Molecular structure: acrylic on the internal structure of big points is very unique, irregular helical conformation, and there is no strict crystalline region, but has a high sequence arrangement and low sequence arrangement. Features: light resistance and weatherability good (ranks first), moisture absorption is poor, dyeing. Pure acrylic fibers, due to the internal structure tightly, performance is poor, so by adding a second, the third monomer, to improve its performance, the second monomer to improve: elasticity and handle, the third monomer to improve dyeing. USES: mainly used as civil, can be pure can be blended spinning, made from a variety of wool, wool, blankets, clothes can also be: artificial fur, plush, bulk yarn, hose, umbrella cloth, etc.
Nylon: the biggest advantage is strong wear resistance, the biggest disadvantage is sunlight resistance is not good, but better than acrylic, polyester is good. Purpose: filament, used for knitting and silk industry; Staple, mostly with wool or wool type chemical fiber blended, gabardine, nitin, etc. Industry: tire cord and fishing nets, also can make carpet, ropes, conveyor belt, mesh, etc.
Elasticity of spandex: best, worst strength, moisture absorption, good light resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance. Purpose: spandex take advantage of its features is widely used in underwear, women underwear, casual wear, sports wear, socks,, bandages and other textile areas, medical field, etc. Spandex is dynamic and convenience of high performance material required for the high elastic fibers. Spandex 5-7 times than the original condition can be extended, so comfortable, soft, and not wrinkle, can keep the original contour.

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