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Comfortable and warm to do? Cotton fabric to wear


Immediately into winter, lined with plus clothes also to piece together, and then the temperature at this time, wearing clothes also pretty embarrassing, really quite difficult to make a choice, to wear more bloated not only easy to heat, less wear not warm but also easy to cold, so will appear the phenomenon of disorderly dressing.
Many workers don't know what to wear work every day, always feel no clothes to wear, buy clothes and always struggle, is too expensive to buy, don't like too cheap, quality is not good, clothing fabrics wearing also uncomfortable.
The next day, more and more people will prefer to cotton fabric clothes, cotton lining, clothing do wear in it to keep warm and comfortable, with a coat of cotton type and good-looking.

Cotton fabric clothes, everyone knows that one of the most common: the advantages of comfortable and warm
Comfort: moisture balance. Cotton fiber to absorb the moisture in the atmosphere around, the moisture content of 8-10%, when in contact with the skin feel soft and not stiff. If the humidity increases, the surrounding temperature is higher, the fiber contains the amount of water can be all evaporates away, to keep the fabric water balance, make the person feels comfortable.
Warm, hot, the electric conduction coefficient of cotton fiber is extremely low, porous, high elastic fiber itself, the gaps between the fiber can accumulate a large number of air (air is poor conductor, electric heat), warmth retention property.

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