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Clothing material performance and the demand side


Clothing material from the fabric and accessories, from fiber to the fabric, all kinds of natural fiber and chemical fiber fabrics, all kinds of lining, cushion, in, clasp, no matter size, no matter in, we should be very familiar with, accomplish know fairly well, and to understand its scope of application, such ability in design and use of the hands of the handy.
The structure and properties of master the material

Know material varieties, name not only, more to master material organization structure, internal performance and appearance of style characteristics, this is the more the place of the material, also is the basis of choice materials.

Fabrics of spinning, weaving, dyeing, the whole process of clothing have affected the result. Such as all kinds of fabrics using different dyeing methods, get a different style appearance, can be used in the performance of different shapes, different USES of clothes, if the same raw materials adopt different processing, can obtain a variety of fabrics. Such as polyester fibre by the wool type processing and finishing, can ZhiZhi wool-like fabrics; After spinning polyester fabric finishing can have natural silk feel and appearance. Special finishing bring new feelings and excellent functional fabrics, this is a trend of modern fabric development. Therefore understand the material production technology and special finishing of great help to choice and use of fabrics.
Should not only pay attention to fashion trends, to grasp the fabric trend and its relationship with garment. The ultimate purpose of clothing is to the wearer's situation and needs, such as age, gender, shape, color, character, likes and dislikes, occupation, status, economic situation, consumption psychology and demand level, etc., is a designer when choosing materials should not be ignored.

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