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How to distinguish between fabric cloth material


1.How to distinguish between cotton fiber and hemp clothing: cotton and hemp are close to the flame is burning, burning rapidly, flame, yellow, blue smoke. The smell of burning and after burning ashes, is the difference between the cotton paper smells, burning flax plant ash smells like burning. After combustion, cotton has little powder ash, a black or gray, hemp are produced at the end of a small amount of gray ash.

2. How to identify fiber and silk: MAO MAO in fire smoke, foaming during burning, burning speed slower, sends out a focal smell hair burning, burning ashes after more for glossy black spherical particles, fingers a pressure that is broken. Silk meet indentation to make fire, burning speed slower, "li li" sound, send out a smell of burning hair, form dark brown small ball after burning ashes, hand twist that is broken.
3. How to identify polyester: lit when the fiber shrinkage, burning fuse first, and then the combustion, the flame was yellow-white, very bright, smoke-free. After fire, combustion aromatic flavour, and ashes in black lump, can refer to crush.
4. How to identify eyes black silk ribbon: after lighting can spread, but slower, melting, burning with bitter taste, after burning ash in black ball, can be crushed.
5. How to identify whalen: fiber first contraction during burning, simultaneous fusion, but don't delay burning, smoke, left after burning black small pieces and can be crushed.
6. How to identify nitrogen: burning flame bright, shrinkage and smoke, has a special smell, brown ashes were left.
7. How to identify polypropylene: slow contraction during burning, no flame, stank wax, waxy is shown after combustion.

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