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Maintain good, chiffon fabrics and clothing brand


Life is inseparable from the development of many industries and dress, sometimes some obscure factors could lead to a very big disparity, such as the premise of brand ladies, today we will learn about the "fabric should learn to care share fabric identify skills".

Garments are made of fabric, as one of the three elements of clothing, fabrics can not only interprets the clothing style and features, and directly affect the clothing color, modelling performance effect, etc.

Say first chiffon dress, snow spins the fabric number is arguably one of the most popular with MM dress, over the years but after dressing well nursing service.
1, advice, don't hang the chiffon dress for a long time, because the chiffon fabrics in general is more soft and flabby, unless the dress to add to finalize the design, material or hanging for a long time will lead to hang chiffon dress deformation, and lost the original shape. If long time not to wear, it is recommended that the folded flat on the wardrobe.
2, chiffon dress don't soak in the washing time is too long, not easy also energetically knead, also do not force twist dry after washing clean.
3, some MM prefer spray perfume, but should pay attention to when spraying perfume spray at a distance, it is best not to stick to the dress above, lest leave macular.
4, a sleeve chiffon dress if hang with hangers, had better choose cloth hangers, or the two ends of the hanger with a small towel wrapped up, so as not to cause the deformation of the sleeve.

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