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Correct use or maintenance of fabric is more durab


From hand to see the appearance of the clothing products quality: first of all, according to the need of consumers and wearing experience, the need to purchase clothing, based on the annotation of material acceptance, quality level of performance, see if the content of the label with the real status of goods, mainly from the fabric handle, cloth cover flaws, off color, stain, sewing, zippers, buttons strong degree.

The correct use and maintenance of the clothing is a key long durability. For some value of expensive silk, cloth, clothing, plush clothing must be careful, careful use and maintenance. Need special care of silk clothing, must be careful in, avoid exposure, take precautions against friction, damage and pollution, and cannot be used when washing washing machine, general gently by hand in cold water washing, adopt the special "silk wool detergent" or "silk detergent" neutral detergent washing quality, stained part can only use hand or soft brush gently scrub, add 3% water consumption of white vinegar soak for 2-3 minutes and then clean, and is suitable for drip dry in the shade (reverse side outwards), take the opposite, medium temperature (150 ℃) ironed, so can keep the color bright, reduce the fade.

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