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What do you think most about clothing material?


Food and clothing is an essential part of everyone's life. Putting "clothes" in the first place can think about how important it is. There are many kinds of clothes and styles. But first, the most important thing is to wear comfortable and more important. The influence of clothing materials on comfort can be understood as comfort and psychological comfort of human beings. Internal physical comfort includes hygroscopicity, breathability, warmth retention, softness, flexibility, weight and chemistry, all of which are determined by the performance of the material made of clothing. The psychological comfort includes color, luster, style, crease resistance, rigidity, resistance to hair ball, and environmental suitability. Many of the appearance performance is also determined by the properties of clothing materials. The comfort of clothing mainly includes thermal moisture comfort, contact comfort and pressure comfort.

Not only are there many kinds of clothing, and there are many kinds of fabrics that make up clothing: materials that reflect the main features of clothing, organic fabric, knitted fabric, no textile cloth and sewing fabric. These fabrics determine their properties (flexibility, fluidity, profile clarity, rigidity, etc.) based on their styling characteristics, drapability and elasticity. Woven fabrics still occupy the dominant position in outer garment fabrics. Underwear, sportswear and children's wear are mostly knitted fabrics. Knitted fabric is superior to woven fabric in elasticity, softness, porosity and crease resistance. Modern clothing has new requirements for the quality of fabrics, especially the appearance of fabrics. Some appearance effects are the result of the whole fabric processing. It is necessary to produce yarn from the fiber raw material; some need special loom or knitting machine, and special finishing process can be produced.
Clothing is the dominant feature of human culture. Clothing is also an important basis and one of the objects that should be noticed. It occupies an indispensable position.

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