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You know the basic performance of clothes material


Before you know the definition and types of clothing fabric, I believe that many people are not familiar with the clothing fabric, then in fact, there are some basic properties of clothing materials, do you know?

1. Hygroscopic property
Hygroscopicity is one of the essential properties of clothing materials. Good moisture absorption can make people feel comfortable when they are dressed, and absorb sweat from human body in time to regulate body temperature. According to the structure of clothing materials, the moisture absorption of knitted material is better than that of woven fabric, and warp knitted fabric is the best. When used in practice, the moisture absorption of the coat material should be worse than that of the underwear material.
2, moisture retention property
Thermal insulation is one of the essential properties of clothing materials. The more static air contained in textile fibers, the better the insulation performance. For example, wool is more fluffy than cotton and its insulation is better. The fabric with loose texture has better thermal insulation than fabric with close texture. The heat insulation of woollen fabric is stronger than that of worsted fabric, and natural fiber has better thermal insulation than chemical fiber.
3, elasticity and strength
Elasticity refers to the ability of clothing materials to be restored after being extruded. In general, natural fibers have better elasticity, but the ability to restore them is also weak. Synthetic fibers, especially polyester, have a strong ability to restore their original form and make them more elegant. Strength is the strength of use. Generally speaking, the strength of synthetic fibers is much stronger than that of natural fibers and is not easily damaged.
4, air permeability
Air permeability is a function of adjusting human comfort and is closely related to human health. The strength of air permeability depends on the density, thickness and surface shape of the material. When selecting, the design should be carefully chosen according to the design intent.
5. Softness
The softness of clothing materials refers to the softness of materials, which has certain effects on people's psychology and physiology. Softness is directly related to fiber thickness, texture and hardness. The softer the material is, the more comfortable the garment is made.
After understanding the basic properties of clothing materials, I believe you will pick out the fabrics you want when choosing materials. Changzhou universal Clothing Co., Ltd.
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