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You choose me material - garment material world


Life, everyone can not do without dependence on wear, the modelling of fabrics of different material characteristics made different characteristic of clothing.

In the fashion world, clothing fabrics is multifarious, with each passing day. But on the whole, high-quality, high-grade fabrics, mostly with wearing comfortable, absorb sweat breathe freely, trailer crisp, mellow vision nobility, touch and so on several aspects of the characteristics. Make clothing in the formal social occasions, appropriate chooses pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk, pure hemp products. With the four natural texture fabric making clothes, are mostly high class. Sometimes, clothed in pure leather clothing, is allowed.

Clothing material is short for clothing material and its surface texture, the three basic elements of fashion design, modelling, colour and material, the material is the most basic material base of clothing, is also dependent on clothing modelling design medium.
In terms of simple, clothing materials can be divided into soft, pretty cool, luster, heavy weight, transparent fabric.

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