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The reason why brand clothing is easy to fade


With the progress of science and technology, famous Brand clothing manufacturers often choose some dyes which are closer to the natural ingredients to dye them. This kind of dye fastness is relatively poor, but it is harmless to the human body and environmental protection.

brand clothing

This kind of clothes can not be soaked for a long time, stacking, and can not be washed at a higher temperature. At present, the main use of non azo dyes. Among these dyes and dyed textiles, some varieties have poor color fastness, whether they are dyed fabrics or printed fabrics.

What kind of clothes will turn color?
When clothes are washed, the color drops sometimes, and the phenomenon of color drop is regular.
Textiles made by natural fibers are easier to fade than those of chemical fibers (especially synthetic fibers). That is, cotton, linen, silk and wool textiles are easier to fade than nylon, polyester, acrylic and so on. In particular, silk and cotton fabrics are easy to fade, and secondly, textiles with a strong color and brighter colors are easy to fade. That is to say, black, dark, big red, bright green, bright blue, bright purple and so on are easy to fade, while those with light and darker colors are not easy to fade.
Washing methods to prevent the color and fading of clothes
Coloured clothes will fade, which is related to the nature of the dye and the printing and dyeing technology. Most of the dyes are easy to melt in water (especially in soapy water, hot water and alkaline water). Dyestuffs are also vulnerable to the fading of sunlight.
1., in order to keep the color of the clothes off, we should use neutral detergent to wash in cold water, such as silk detergent, shampoo, detergent, etc., don't use laundry powder, soap or hot water to soak.
2. shades of color should be washed separately to avoid deep and shallow color with each other. In the washing time, put some salt in warm water (a bucket of water, a teaspoon) water temperature not high;
After 3. washing, rinse clean with clean water immediately, do not soak soap or alkaline detergent for a long time or residue in clothes.
4. do not be exposed to the sun in the sun, and should be put in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

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