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The reasons for the shrinkage of garment fabric


garment fabric

Factors affecting the fabric shrinkage size, mainly water swelling ability, shrinkage and dyeing process of the fiber itself in tension elongation etc..

1, the effect of fiber and shrinkage
Autumn and winter fabric
After the fiber itself is absorbed, it will produce a certain degree of swelling. Usually the swelling of the fiber is anisotropic (except nylon), that is, the length is shortened, and the diameter is increased. The difference between the length difference of the fabric before and after the water is usually referred to as the percentage of the original length is called the shrinkage. The stronger the water absorption capacity, the swelling of the swelling, the higher the shrinkage, the worse the dimensional stability of the fabric.
Length of yarn fabric itself and the length of use is different, usually with shrinkage to represent the differences between the two. Shrinkage (%) = length of yarn fabric length
After the fabric is under water, the length of the fabric is further shortened and the shrinkage rate is produced because of the swelling of the fiber itself. Fabric shrinkage, the shrinkage of different size. Structure and weaving tension of the fabric itself, its shrinkage is different. Weaving tension, fabric close thick, shrinkage, and fabric shrinkage is small; weaving tension, fabric is loose thin, small shrinkage, fabric shrinkage is big. In the dyeing and finishing process, in order to reduce the shrinkage of the fabric, often using sanforizing way to increase weft density, improve pre shrinkage, thereby reducing the shrinkage of fabric.
2, the influence and control of the technological factors
In the process of scouring and bleaching, the fabric is subjected to a certain degree of tension, which will cause fabric elongation. This elongation is temporary. Once the fabric is launched again, it will release the external tension caused by the swelling of the water. In order to reduce the shrinkage of fabrics, we should minimize the tension during processing, especially in the wet state, such as pure cotton fabric, viscose fabric, silk fabric and so on. Generally, we should use loose tension-free processing equipment to process.
3, the influence of other factors
In addition to the above factors, after the process of finishing process of fabric shrinkage also have a greater impact, especially after finishing pre shrinking finishing, chemical shrink and crease resistant finish is mainly for fabric shrinkage and shrinkage, high degree of fabric shrinkage will decrease, by chemical shrinkresistantfinish the fabric, the dimension stability will be significantly improved.

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