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What are the new clothing materials?


The new material of clothing refers to the new material for the purpose of human kindness and the goal of environmental friendliness. The so-called human goodwill refers to the attribute of garment new materials to serve the people, which has the pleasure of mind, not only conducive to the human body, and delight in the human spirit; not only to meet the people's daily life, and provide help for the special demand of human beings.
The so-called environmental friendliness refers to the environmental protection, that is, the ecological properties of new clothing materials.

clothing materials

1. Classification of fiber types according to new clothing materials

1. natural fiber
(1) plant fiber: ecological cotton, colored cotton, pineapple leaf, banana stem, Apocynum, bamboo fiber and so on.
(2) animal fiber: color hair, color silk, spider silk and so on.
2. regenerated fiber
(1): the new regenerated cellulose fiber, modal and Lyocell cellulose fiber.
(2) regenerated protein fiber: soybean fiber, milk fiber and so on.
(3) other: chitin fiber, corn fiber, metal fiber and so on.
3. synthetic fiber
Mainly for the differential fiber, including superfine fiber, composite fiber, heteromorphic cross section fiber, elastic fiber, high water absorbent fiber, etc.
Two. Classification according to the performance of new clothing materials
1. functional clothing materials
(1) comfort clothing material: warm and temperate, moisture absorption and moisture permeable, cool and breathable, soft skin, discoloration, deodorizing fragrance materials, etc.
(2) hygienic functional clothing materials: antifouling and antifouling, antiseptic and odorization materials, etc.
(3) health care clothing material: magnetic furuncle, electrotherapy, and antibacterial materials.
(4) safety clothing materials: flame retardant materials, anti combustion materials, radiation proof materials and so on.
(5) functional clothing materials for environmental protection: ecological clothing materials and degradable materials.
2. intelligent clothing material
Intelligent clothing materials include conductive fiber, shape memory fiber, color changing fiber, temperature regulating fiber and so on.
3. high performance clothing materials
High performance clothing materials include heat-resistant fibers, high water absorbent fibers and so on.

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