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Leather fabric of garment fabric


Clothing is made of fabric, which is the material used to make clothing. As one of the three elements of clothing, the fabric can not only explain the style and characteristics of the clothing, but also directly affect the color and shape of the clothing. Showing its own noble and perfect feeling of soft hand. The underneath will introduce the leather fabric for you.

garment fabric

Leather is a kind of leather which has a certain flexibility and breathability and is not easily rotten after chemical treatment. For clothing leather mainly sheepskin, pigskin, cowhide and horsehide.
Cow leather: the cow leather is hard, and it is divided into two kinds of yellow cattle leather and buffalo leather. Cattle leather pores are small, round, evenly distributed, smooth, glossy, and solid and elastic. The surface of the water cow's skin is uneven, the leather is rough, the pores are larger and less than the Yellow cowhide, and the texture is more relaxed than the Yellow cowhide.
Sheepskin: goat skin is the best. Goat skin pores is flat, and the scaly arrangement, soft, elastic, natural luster. The sheepskin and the pigskin can be made of two kinds of glossy surface and suede, but they are mainly light.
Pigskin: Pig leather pores are large, each three holes are arranged in a group, arranged in a triangle, and each group is far apart. The leather is not smooth, rough, at present, some air clothes is to use pig leather. After shrinking, the leather looks as soft and elastic as the sheepskin. Due to the shrinkage, the coarse pores are almost invisible. Only the flattening of the pores can see the triangular arrangement of pores. This kind of leather is economical.
A: is a good raw material for production of suede leather.
In addition, Ma horsehide leather surface pores oval pores than sheepskin, yellow leather large pores, arrange regularly, meticulous soft leather.
Fur and leather are precious garments. In general, the tanned animal fur is called fur, and the processed glossy surface or suede skin plate is called leather. Fur is an ideal material for cold proof clothing for its warm, light, durable, and magnificent quality. After dyeing, leather can get all kinds of appearance style, which is very popular with people. In recent years, fur and leather clothing have become the popular mainstream, so it is necessary to make a understanding and understanding of its structure.

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