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Nylon fabric of clothing fabric


Polyamide fiber is commonly known as nylon, also known as nylon (Nylon), the English name Polyamide (referred to as PA), is the molecular backbone chain containing repeated amide group -[NHCO]- thermoplastic resin. Including aliphatic PA, fatty aromatic PA and aromatic PA. Among them, the aliphatic PA has many varieties, large production and wide application, and its name is determined by the number of carbon atoms of the synthetic monomer. It was invented by the famous American chemist Carlo Seth and his research team. Nylon, is a polyamide fiber (polyamide) is a statement. Can be made of fiber or short fiber.

clothing fabric

The synthesis of nylon has laid the foundation for the synthetic fiber industry, and the appearance of nylon has made the fabric look new. Fabric made of this fiber nylon stockings is transparent and durable than silk stockings, 10 1939 24, DuPont public eye caused a sensation in the headquarters of public sale of nylon stockings, regarded as precious to panic buying, people have used "as thin as silk, as steel, like silk silk beauty" the words of praise to the fiber, nylon fabric to May 1940 sales throughout the United states.
From the outbreak of the Second World War to the 1945, the nylon industry was turned to a parachute, an aircraft tire cord, a military uniform, and other military products. Due to the characteristics and wide uses of nylon, it has been developing rapidly since the Second World War. Various kinds of nylon products, from stockings, clothing to carpets, fishing nets and so on, appear in an innumerable way, and are one of the three largest synthetic fibers.
High strength, wearability, good springback, pure spinning and blending can be used as all kinds of clothing and knitwear. The main varieties are nylon 6 and polyamide 66, and their physical properties are not much different. Nylon hygroscopicity and dyeability than polyester, nylon 6 and nylon 66 under standard conditions of moisture regain is 4.5%, second only to PVA in synthetic fibers. Good dyeing performance, can be dyed with acid dyes, disperse dyes and other dyes. It is alkali resistant and acid resistant, and its fiber strength decreases under long exposure to sunlight. The polyamide fiber has the characteristic of heat setting, which can keep the bending deformation formed when heating.
Strong, wear-resistant, home with the first fiber. Its wear resistance is 10 times that of cotton fiber, 10 times the dry viscose fiber and 140 times the wet fiber. Therefore, its durability is excellent. The elastic and elastic nylon fabric excellent recovery, but the small external force deformation, so the fabric in the wear process variable. The ventilation is poor, and it is easy to produce static electricity. The hygroscopicity of polyamide fabric is a good variety in synthetic fabric, so the clothing made with polyamide is more comfortable than polyester.
It has good corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. The heat resistance and light resistance are not good enough, the ironing temperature should be under 140 degrees C. In the process of wearing, we should pay attention to the conditions of washing and maintenance, so as not to damage the fabric. Polyamide fabric is a light fabric, which is only included in polypropylene and acrylic fabric in synthetic fabric. Therefore, it is suitable for making mountaineering clothes and winter clothing.

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