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How to wash different garment fabric


garment fabric

1, cotton:

A, fine imitation high density branch series
(1) technical features: a high count worsted woven business led, gradually towards the direction of the development of the cotton, singeing, mercerizing, dyeing and finishing processing activity and.
(2) fabric characteristics: crisp, smooth, elastic, natural fiber with excellent touch, wearing soft and comfortable, after finishing light or resin after anti wrinkle performance better.
B, cotton flannel series
(1) technical features: the use of high-quality cotton as raw material, by combing spinning processing, using double, twill, jacquard and other composite tissue, woven structure. After desizing (singeing, mercerizing), sanding (fleece, fleece), reactive dyeing and special finishing.
(2) fabric characteristics: fluffy warmth, velvet strong sense, good elasticity, moisture absorption, breathable, soft luster, high quality.
C and cotton washing series
(1) technology features: a series of high-grade cotton fabric, after washing, washing and washing clothing into fabrics, adopt different washing methods according to different requirements and style of fabric composition and a wash, washing, ironing and other leaven.
(2) fabric characteristics: with special washing style effect, the surface has natural stone texture, soft, elastic, shrink stability.
Washing and maintenance:
The highest temperature of 30 degrees, please hand wash detergent fully dissolved, then put in the clothes, the soaking time is not more than 30 minutes, do not use bleach, shading hot steam ironing, the best in the fabric on a wet cloth pad, in order to avoid the aurora, suitable shade, do not wring dry, dark or light washed separately to avoid sun exposure, pay attention to moisture mildew.
2, mao:
A worsted fabric:
(1) technological characteristics: high count worsted yarn is made by high-density weaving and exquisite finishing process.
(2): Mao has unique characteristics of fabric fluffy, warm and good elasticity and drapability, high-grade fabrics, beautiful color, elegant natural luster, good color fastness, light, soft, anti wrinkle pregnant bone, excellent flexibility, smooth crisp, antifouling antistatic.
B, woolen fabric
(1) technical features: the use of woolen yarn by weaving and fulling, combing, shearing, decatizing complex finishing and processing.
(2) fabric characteristics: thick, full, elastic, excellent thermal retention. Plush uniform, fine, clear, good touch, soft luster.
Washing and maintenance: 
Worsted is suitable for dry cleaning. Such as washing, first with cold water soak for 15 minutes, and then use the silk wool detergent, washing temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, light twist dry, not exposure, not dry, so as to avoid cropping up. Suits can only be dry cleaned. Woollen wool only dry. In the dry cleaning of the leather type, the soft cloth with high density can be used to wrap the dermis.
3, silk
(1) technical features: a silk as raw material, a plurality of silk reeling and obvolvent stalemate growth of silk, also called silk. Mulberry silk has not been polluted in the process of producing mulberry, sericulture and silk reeling, so it is a green product respected by the world.
(2) characteristics of fabric: silk is known as "fiber Queen" reputation, with elegant and smooth, soft breathable, gorgeous and elegant, bright color, hygroscopicity, permeability, The brightness dazzles the eyes. excellent characteristics of excellent and good drapability. At the same time, with skin care, prevention of skin allergies, itching effect.
Washing and maintenance: 
Water temperature below 30 degrees, neutral detergent, washed with dip, can not be soaked, can not be washed machine. Can only gently knead and wash, do not bleach. In the shade to dry and ventilated place, do not wring out, only dry flat knitting. Light folded, pay attention to the moth.
4, hemp
(1) process characteristics: mercerization with caustic soda under certain tension.
(2) fabric characteristics: known as cool noble fibers. Linen fabric has the advantages of high strength, good thermal conductivity and good moisture absorption. Mothproof fabric, color fastness. Good air permeability. Fabric stereoscopic sense, style rough mad.
Washing and maintenance: 
With hard brush to wash, do not wring, avoid sun exposure, when ironing need uniform sprinkling, medium temperature ironing.

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