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Identification of commonly used brand clothing


brand clothing

1, pure cotton fabric, soft luster, soft, less elastic, easy to wrinkle. After the cloth is squeezed by hand, the crease is obvious, and the crease is not easy to restore. A few roots of warp and weft twist watch from the edge, fiber length.
2, viscose cotton (including man-made cotton, rich fiber cloth): fabric surface soft and bright, bright color, smooth and smooth, soft feel, poor elasticity. After the cloth is squeezed by hand, the crease is obvious, and the crease is not easy to restore.
3, polyester cotton is cotton cloth: luster bright, smooth cloth, clean without impurities or waste. Feel smooth, crisp and elastic than pure cotton good. After the hand is squeezed tightly, the cloth is loosened, the crease is not obvious, and the original state is easy to restore.
4, pure wool worsted fabric: fabric with smooth surface, fine textured clear. The luster is soft and natural, and the color is pure. Soft and elastic. Squeeze the face with hand, loosen the crease, and restore the original state quickly. Most of the double yarn.
5, pure wool: face plump, texturecloselythick. The surface has fine villi, the fabric generally does not show. It feels warm, full and elastic. The yarn is mostly single yarn with thick branches.
6, wool / polyester blended woolen appearance with wool fabric style. The surface texture clear, smooth, feel better than pure wool fabric is soft, stiff rough, elastic wool and hair sticky cloth over. Squeeze the face with your hands and release it. The crease is quickly restored.
7, wool and acrylic blended woolen worsted: mostly. Mao Ganqiang, with a woolen style, has a warm feeling. Not as elastic as wool.
8, wool and nylon blended woolen: smooth surface, strong sense of hair appearance, with wax like luster, feel stiff. Hand pinch them after release, there are obvious creases, can slowly restore.
9, silk: silk surface smooth, clean, soft luster, bright color pure. Feel smooth, soft, elegant appearance. In dry condition, hand felt silk has handle feeling, and there is silk sound when tearing".
10, viscose fabric (silk person): Silk gloss bright but not soft, bright color, smooth feel, strong sense of softness, drape, but not the elegant silk. Hand knead the silk surface, loosen, crease, and recover slowly. Hoarseness when tearing. Warp and weft wet wet and very easy to break.

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