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Knowledge of garment accessories


Supplementary material knowledge
Complementary makings refers to clothing or clothing appendages, such as;Zipper, buttons, pocket scale, etc.

In the material


Divided into cotton, silk, chemical fiber, wool, fur

Often use the lining material has 170 t, 190 t, 21 ot, 230 t polyester taffeta, nylon taffeta with cotton silk;Flannelette have single-sided, double-sided velvet, warp knitting cloth, etc., generally measured in g, common velvet material gram weight is 120-260 - g/m2.
(1) composition
(2) specification and density
(3) the texture and quality
(4) the door picture
(5) color: a few color?Deserve to color or other body
(6) if cotton class, weft shrinkage diameter to all?
(7) to calculate consumption


Flocculant types: cotton (cotton), silk (silk), feather
Materials: artificial fur, spun rayon
Packing can also be called a filler material, it is to point to in the fabric and material filled between the function of the material
(1) what kind of filling category
(2) packing g
(3) the gram weight of one garment need
(4) is a seam line or hand plug?
If hand plug, each clothes should pay attention to how many grams of weight, and plug to uniform.If a requirement to gram weight, will be set in advance, say good after gram again, need to add some processing cost, mainly hand labor.


Divided into: liner, liner
In the clothing collar and cuffs, mouth, divided skirt waist, hem and suit chest labeled with the lining of lining cloth, generally containing colloidal particles, often referred to as adhesive lining, there are spinning lining cloth (tatting and knitting) and non-woven lining cloth two kinds big.
In shoulder shoulder pads are used to reflect the shoulder modelling and the chest to increase the clothing style of crisp full use chest lining pad material, generally no glue.
Fusible interlining is a kind of important clothing accessories, it is woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics in uniform and adhesive colloidal particles (or powder), by heat (hot melt glue) and clothing after the corresponding parts together, the modelling of so as to achieve a certain effect.
Adhesive lining the main test shrinkage and adhesive fastness (peel strength) two indicators.
(1) the color of the lining
(2) the unit weight
(3) the thickness: such as flannel fabrics with a thick lining, and silk fabrics with soft silk lining, knitted fabrics using elastic knitting, warp knitting lining cloth and so on.
(4) hard lining, in areas such as the generally used to get a department and the waist coat chest line, use thicker lining.
(5) need water to wash clothes should choose water resistant lining, and considering the stability of the lining of washing and ironing size.
(6) when sewing a little places such as mouth, customer there is no requirement to use, in order to make convenient, can add appropriately the cheapest kind of paper liner

Pocket cloth class

Class is divided into: cotton, polyester cotton, polyester
The commonly used for T/C pocket cloth 45 x x x 72 35/96, 45/65 and 133 x 72 varieties
(1) composition
(2) quality
(3) specifications and density
(4) the door picture
(5) color: a few color?Whether with cloth or other large body color, or itself
(6) if cotton class, weft shrinkage diameter to all?
(7) to calculate consumption
(8) bag: do light or kao side?

Wire materials

Ingredients: cotton, polyester cotton, polyester, silk, etc
Thickness: thick lines, thin lines
(1) composition
(2) the thickness
(3) a few stocks
(4) color: whether and color, or other body
(5) to calculate line: considering aspects
A: line, line, kao, knot, lock, pin buckle, etc
B: needle density: according to the thickness of the fabric
It sometimes have customers requirements, such as 1 sp7, 1 inch = 2.54 CM = 7 needles
(6) probably know how many square meters is generally a a line
(7) dyeing cycle is probably how long?

Button materials

Divided into: plastic buttons, metal buttons, wood buttons, cloth cloth buttons
(1) composition
(2) the shape
(3) the diameter size 1 l = 0.635 mm
(4) the lettering?Lettering words
(5) color
(6) whether to open mill?If open mill, open mill charge probably how many?
(7) note that provide mold factory
(8) according to the customer demands attention ever need to check

Zipper material

(1) according to the composition points: nylon zipper, resin zipper, metal zipper, plastic zipper
(2) according to the breed classification: closed end zipper, double closed end zipper, zipper open end (or so), double open end zipper (or so)
(3) according to specifications and classification: 3 #, 4 #, 5 #, 7 #, 8 #, 9 #...# 20 types of size is directly proportional to the size of the zipper teeth
(1) what kind of zipper?YKK HC YBS etc.
(2) composition
(3) varieties
(4) specifications
(5) the zipper teeth
(6) cloth belt: there are several colors, deserve to color or other body
(7) whether the self-locking
Pull head (8)
(9) determine the length of the zipper
If your door towel except the waist is 10 cm long, the zipper length to determine how much?
10 cm - 1 cm = 9 cm

The material

Mainly include: main label, washing label, size label, woven label, composition, size composition logo, printed label, leather label, landmarks, etc
(1) the target material and texture
(2) the target text
(3) mark color
(4) mark size
(5) the exact location of the sewing


Mainly include: tag, waist tag, leather tag, bronze, embroidery, etc
(1) what kind of tags
(2) the material and texture
(3) the text description: whether both the front and back of the card
(4) color
(5) specifications size: length X width
(6) concrete in which part
(7) if the waist tag, nail screw by machine or by hand, if by hand, need to add a little quotation

In addition to the above nine categories, other auxiliary materials
Such as: elastic, blow hole, Velcro, suspended, D ring, and so on

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